THE TITANIC: The Start of a journey of no return (PART 1)

History! History!! Histoooorrryyy!!! Yes, history, one of the revered discipline and event of human life. History has it that today being the 10th of April, 1912 was the day, the world most luxurious ship (weighing at about 269m) took of from Southampton enroute to New York.

Having been registered at a port in Liverpool, United Kingdom, the Titanic (often referred to as the strongest and sometimes most luxurious ship or sea vessel) was on a trip to deliver its maiden Voyage from Southampton (UK) to New York (U.S.A). Some fragments of history holds that, according to speculations, views and opinions of people, the Titanic was indestructible and could virtually move anything and virtually everything on its way (so to speak). Well, we all know what later became of the ship in question.

Bringing it down to our lives as humans. Have you set sight on a target, mission or journey? Are you being derailed by issues of this contemporary society? Do you know how to go about it? What indeed is your maiden voyage Journey? Have you identified yours? If yes, what do you lean unto as your guide?

In order to face and tackle many issues that this contemporary society have thrown at us, we wrap ourselves with some incentives (such as Wealth, Influence/Affluence, Personality, Statue and the rest). Often times, we are carried away by our attachment to a particular incentives that we negate/neglect the others (incentives).

Many at times we bask in the euphoria of wealth neglecting those of personality, we often bask in the euphoria Intellect (knowledge) forgetting that of wealth Vis-à-vis other incentives.

In all, whichever route we decide to take, it is important we all take into cognisance all the other incentives (with an exception to none). Titanic was sank by an “ICEBERG”. That which you consider infinitesimal or insignificant could spring up surprises on a very good day to shock you. Always learn and know how to balance the incentives you have got, so that the maximum best and achievement can be achieved/realized from it.


CORONA VIRUS: Is there more to life? (The world at a stand still)

Ever wondered if there would be a time in human history, where people will be asked to leave their public or government paid jobs and go and sit at home (despite the backwardness of the economy of some states). Did you ever fathom that a time will come when movements, gatherings, entertainment, sporting activities, religious activities education/schooling, travels, tourism etc. will be stopped or halted for any reason? Such has been the case with most nations of the world in 2020.

Following the postponement of the Olympic games (scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan 2020) history have it that, this is the first time an Olympic game have been shifted during a peace time. Have you ever wondered what will be the faith of the world if such menace should root itself in human history and share a predominant time in human history? What this means is that society may be phased out and life will/maybe cut short.

While we all are struggling and battling with the COVID-19 disease, it should also provide us with ample time to think about life and what life has to offer. If at the end of everything we survive (hopefully, we will), you should bear in mind that you aren’t better than those who loss their lives during this pandemic. It is also the more reason you should never think of taking your life (committing suicide), the more reason you should live out the best of your life, the more reason no one should be the source of your happiness/sorrow, the more reason you should be productive, no matter what life throws at you. Remember to STAY STRONG and STAY SAFE


Public Health Awareness #WORD GLAUCOMA WEEK

Glaucoma, one of the leading causes of blindness in our contemporary society. It is indeed pertinent and of outermost importance to go at least to your locale hospital, institution and any other mapped out venue to get your eyes checked. Glaucoma affects all ages and often times shows no symptoms to the individual. Do well to check your eyes its world glaucoma week


Follow the link below to access the story. Captivating, intriguing and breathtaking. Mothers are a precious gifts that must be cherished and as we celebrate women all over the word come tomorrow March 8, 2020 you could do well to tell a good story of your own words to that amazing woman who bore pains just to have you. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY

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